I started practicing yoga in 2002 at the former Om Yoga in Manhattan, right above the Strand Bookstore. I was broke and recently broken-up with, but as a workstudy I could earn class passes, which I did enthusiastically. The warm teachers there and the thoughtful practice of yoga eased not only my wounded heart, but many of the other stresses in my life as well.

After a dozen years of (mostly) steady practice at a variety of studios in New York, it struck me that I wanted to become the kind of teacher I always gravitate towards: welcoming, creative, and dedicated to guiding students through the amazing mental and physical growth yoga offers. I earned my 200-hour certification at Dou Yoga in Brooklyn under two teachers who embody that description, Yuuki Hirano and Ariel Kiley, and I've been teaching ever since. I've taught classes and privates to all levels of yogis (including brand-new) as well as restorative classes, which I love teaching (and taking).

In September of 2014, inspired by the mamas-to-be I see all over my home borough of Brooklyn, I earned 20 hours of prenatal teacher training under the marvelous Gina Menza at ISHTA Yoga. In August of 2015, I went back for more, completing an 85-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Prenatal and postnatal training with Gina and Jennifer Langbehn, a talented prenatal educator and doula. I love working with my mama and mama-to-be clients. In prenatal, we strengthen, soothe, and ready bodies for the labor of childbirth. In postnatal, we heal, reconnect to the body, and explore the landscape of motherhood and movement.

Most recently -- November of 2015 -- I completed a Yoga Tune Up(R) Level I training, which was an exciting dive into anatomical knowledge. I learned tools for deconstructing yoga poses and putting them back together in satisfying ways that has inspired my teaching.