I have had the pleasure of being a student of Georgia’s, as well as co-teaching workshops with her and I am constantly blown away by the way she weaves specific technical knowledge into her friendly, inclusive classes. She’s a wealth of information about pre-natal yoga, alignment and creative sequencing and presents it with grace and compassion.

Professionally, she is a complete joy to work with and has a contagious passion for what she does. I looked forward to our brainstorming sessions like a kid on Christmas Eve. The students we shared gained confidence, body-awareness and a new love for the practice of yoga because of her teaching.

I am honored to have worked with Georgia and cannot recommend her enough!
— Tess Ball, fabulous fitness teacher
I had a series of private yoga sessions with Georgia, and she was amazing. Due to some chronic running-related injuries I’m not the most flexible person around, but Georgia was patient and thoughtful in our sessions. She really listened to me and helped me listen to my own body as well. Working together we found which positions helped and which needed to be adjusted. I felt immeasurably better after our work together and highly recommend Georgia to all my friends
— Shayne, private client
I have known Georgia since she started doing yoga, and thus have had the unique pleasure of watching her yoga practice develop, deepen, and mature on her road to becoming the talented instructor she is today. From her first moment on the mat she was curious, humble, enthusiastic, eager to learn, and a generous participant in our community of fellow students. I was not at all surprised when Georgia told me she intended to pursue teacher training, though I had some mild concern that her occasional tendency to second-guess her own awesomeness would lead to some shyness when stepping into the instructor role. I was worried for nothing: she leads her classes with the confidence, calm, and gravitas of a teacher many years her senior. She strikes a balance that is challenging for teachers in any discipline: namely, to prepare beautifully structured and organized classes while also being attentive and flexible enough to adjust things in the moment to fit the abilities, needs, and general vibe of an individual group of students. When I became pregnant, I began taking private prenatal yoga lessons from Georgia, and even accounting for my obvious bias, I feel pretty confident in predicting that this is where she will find her true calling. She manages to make the sessions both nurturing and challenging, which helps me to feel simultaneously calm and powerful: certainly the optimal combination to help me navigate the challenges of pregnancy and childbirth! I look forward to continuing to work with Georgia, and to watching her make a lasting impact on New York’s yoga community.
— Brenna, private client
Georgia was such an encouraging teacher and mentor during the prenatal series I took with her. She made everyone feel comfortable, strong, capable, and supported. She took the time to listen to each mom-to-be’s individual weekly maladies and concerns, and adjusted the practice to be as beneficial as possible to all – even modifying particular poses that might be difficult or painful to specific participants as she saw fit. My pregnancy was challenging, but I always left class feeling happier and better both physically and mentally. As someone who generally shies away from group classes, when our series was over, I was saddened to leave (and I could tell my baby was, too!)...but so excited to start back up soon with Georgia’s next prenatal series!
— Julia, prenatal student